Today’s Domains – Important Notice

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Some good price reductions below, but first I need to make sure that everybody understands that emails with domain names coming to any email address are assumed to be submissions unless otherwise indicated. We get several hundereds of emails per day including lists of domain names. If we had to reply and ask every single one if it was a submission or not then this simply wouldn’t work. If you want to email us to just try and SELL US your domain please send that email to either Eric or My other email addresses, or specifically specifiy in these words “these domains are not for submission” in your email. Anything else sent to will be considered a submission.

Also note: on a lot of these names the seller is open to negotiation, just these are BIN prices that trump all negotiations. (
$17,700 – Limited time offer only.

$4,999 Each – Reduced to sell – 100K Exact match monthly searches. 6-12 daily visitors

$3,499 Each – Great fit for .US / America

$2,499 Each

$1,999 Each – Also entertaining reasonable offers

$999 Each – Breast Implants, Hip Implants, etc… One client to an end use is worth more than this price. – Aged 13 years – PR3

$749 Each

$499 Each – Reduced to sell (PR3)

$249 Each – Fancy way to say Malpractice – This is a field of study

Cheapest Registration Fee Domains

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