Today’s Domains – Feedback Day

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Time for feedback day again. Below is a list of domains that are still available which I am confident more than half of you would bid on at least 1 at NameJet or Snap. In case you don’t know or remember the rules from the last feedback day I will explain again.

The rules are that you set the price by making an offer on these domains. This serves as helpful feedback for both us and the sellers regarding pricing and gives you the opportunity to take home any of these domains at the price which you think is right. If you would like to see what price was asked on these domains previously simply go to our site at where you can find this information. Your offer to buy will be binding for 24 hours from the time you submit it and it will be the seller’s choice whether or not the accept it. Please don’t send us your appraisal or your opinion on what you think the price should be. Quite frankly, your offer is your appraisal and your opinion. It’s our mission to bring you great opportunities at wholesale/Domainer-to-Domainer prices and your feedback helps! If you have any questions, just ask.
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