Today’s Domains – Huge Opportunity

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Seems like time always flys by each day and I never get these things out till late. Anyway here it is. Huge opportunity in the first domain listed below.
$999 – This domain deserved it’s own spot at the top. It is a category killer and it is one that there is a great benefit in not having the .com. It won’t get seized by the US government.  You could buy too for $2.5M USD, however this domain is notably more affordable a lot less risky. is run by a UK company, not far from Isle of Man where hails from. And in case you were wondering here is the direct quote from Isle of Man’s goverment website regarding online gambling ( “The Isle of Man Government actively encourages the development of gambling and e-gaming business on the island. It remains committed to delivering a stable government and strong regulatory environment, supported by a wide range of attractive business benefits.” You can buy this domain as an end user or an investor at this price, it’s up to you. Gambling is one of those keywords that is always gone in every extension (and for a good reason). Renewal fees vary by registrar but looks around $50 per year.

$4,999 Each – Ice Cream in French

$2,499 Each – Call to action (litterally ‘to’ action)

$1,999 Each

$1,499 Each – Step rate cds, step rate mortgages, etc

$999 Each – PR2, Alexa 17M, high CPC! – Bargain Price! Estibot $30,000 – One-time listing

$499 Each
Pair: +

$249 Each – .com sold for $2k+
Pair: +

$99 Each
Pair: +

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