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Short and Simple today.
$500k – This is certainly quite a lucrative space to control. This can’t be that hard to monetize. There are Fashion Weeks everywhere (practically every major city in the WORLD and countless small cities as well) and it’s arguably the second best Fashion related domain next to, which would be more expensive. See Wikipedia if you actually don’t know what Fashion Week is. Take a look at some of the money that is poured into the New York/London/Milan/Paris Fashion Weeks and who is spending the money. Even if you just ran a blog on this the money you could charge advertisers is astronomical.
$15k – If you haven’t realized it yet this is an exact match product/service domain, and a category. It is better off with the dash in it, and is a commonly used convention in translation services. All things being equal, what domain would you rather have if you were doing English to Italian translations?

$999 Each – Unit of measurement for energy and very brandable

$749 Each – Reduced until sold – I am not going to write an essay today boasting about this one. Reality is some day this one will be a live operating online gambling site. This is your chance to be the owner of that site or to be the person that sold it to them, or even another investor who does.

$499 Each

$249 Each – just went for $43k on NameJet. Not asking big bucks for this folks.

$99 Each

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