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Welcome back. My laptop went down for the past week and decided to take that as an opportunity to take it easy. Back in the saddle now.


First, trying something new here, a revenue generating site. – $300k for more details see below and contact us:

This domain/site makes $100k a year in revenue.

Monthly costs are:

$100 Server
$500 Programmer
$250 Outsourced SEO guy

Revenue comes from an average of 30-60 advertisers pay $200 a month on any given month.

It’s a very simple site, the bar is set low, should be easy to take to the next level.


$7,499 Each

$4,999 Each

$2,999 Each

$2,499 Each

$1,499 Each – 100 Uniques per weekday. Revenue = .50-$4 per weekday.

$999 Each – Avg 45 Uniques per day for past 6 months. $3.50 avg rev per month

$499 Each $499 – Last price reduction. HUGE upside on this one.

$249 Each

$99 Each

Cheapest Registration Fee Domains

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