Today’s Domains – 2 char Premium .orgs

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We have a lot to choose from today. We figured since the registry is auctioning off some premium 2 char .orgs we would sell some too. Available individually or as a package.

$7,499 Each

2 Char .orgs
Note that the registry is auctioning off very similar ones to these off right now with a reserve. Here is a link to how some of them look at the moment: $3k $3k

or the pair: + – $5k

$1,499 Each – Wills are expensive – I’m not asking you to Reimburse me, just selling the domain

$999 Each – $24 a click – Another background check domain

$749 Each

$499 Each – High monthly searches. I really like this one. I have searched for this many times.
SEARCHF.COM – High monthly searches – High monthly searches – likes this one a lot – Every college student has to look this up constantly — how to give credit to sources when writing college papers.

$249 Each

$99 Each – High competition. $4.35 CPC

Cheapest Registration Fee Domains

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