Today’s Domain – A set of Revenue Generating Generics

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You know the drill folks, but as a reminder these are BIN prices. You can make an offer too, just beware if someone agrees to the BIN price before your offer is accepted then the domain sells at the BIN.
$22k – Bang-on product name. Covers a category for a prodserv and a hobby, Motorcycle Engines are expensive and cool!

Generic Revenue Domain Set
Revenue = $4.09 per day, Traffic = 29 uniques per day. The plural accounts for 75% of the traffic and 90% of the revenue. + – $9k

2 Char .orgs Giving you a 2nd Chance at these
Note that the registry is auctioning off very similar ones to these off right now with a reserve. Here is a link to how some of them look at the moment: – $2,999 – $2,999
or the pair: + – $4,999

DivorceArbitration Set – $1,499 includes set of all 6
I have used this service before, the service alone cost me many times more than this.


$999 Each

$749 Each

$499 Each

$249 Each ($9.60 rev. last month)

$99 Each

Cheapest Registration Fee Domains

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