Today’s Domains + Request for Fur Related Domains

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We have a buyer looking for fur related domains. These are the examples he gave of the sort of thing he is looking for:,,,,

Note: He does not own any of the above domains. Also it would appear that he prefers the plural Furs.

If you have something that looks like one of these above (or if you own one of these above) submit your domains here. Domain must be 2 words or less.

Lastly, unfortunately the whois info is bad on the owner of (A Scott Rubman who  apparently is an attorney in New York). Also his LinkedIn is not accessible nor does he have any alternate contact info I can find searching Google (other than a contact form at which I submitted). If anyone knows this guy or can find him drop me a line. If find him and a deal comes out of it we will be glad to cut you in something for your efforts.

Now onto Today’s Domains. Don’t forget these are BIN prices but we also accept offers. – $7k

$3,499 Each

$2,499 Each – Great fit for .org, Perfect for an attorney who does these cases or a civil rights organization.

$1,999 Each

$1,499 Each

Set: + – POAs, Advanced Health Directives, Wills, Letter of Instruction, Living Trust, etc…

$999 Each

$749 Each – This is so much more important that just “Senior Care”

$499 Each

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