Today’s Domains – Premiums, Short Domains & a Website

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Today we have lots of choices including Some top premium names at bargain prices, lots of LLLL.coms, and a really great website for sale.

Premium Names – $35k – $19.5k – $9,999 – $9,999

Nicely Developed Site Package
$5,500 – Comes with the really nicely developed website and data. $35k was spent to create this site but never actually launched. This is the ask/BIN price, feel free to make an offer. If this is a niche you excel at than this is a really great package, all the hard work is already done.
$1,499 Each – Reduced! – Some wives (and husbands) would pay anything for this

$999 Each
Pair: +

$749 Each

$499 Each – Two state abbreviations and pronounceable – “Yee-oww!!!”

$249 Each

$99 Each

Cheapest Registration Fee Domains

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