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Welcome back. Sorry I haven’t done a newsletter in a while. Been busy moving to San Diego. Anyone in San Diego wants to get together email me at
$40k – Virtual Reality Network, or whatever else.
$15k – Cheap for LLL, read it out loud, it reads New York but less letters.
$15k – This is a really cool domain. It’s going to be sold soon.
$9k – Nice pronouncable LLLL.

$2,999 Each –  I really like this one – BASIC is a programming language, a popular one (VB), and just the word Basic works here too.

$1,999 Each – Huge keyword

$1,499 Each

$999 Each – Huge keyword

$749 Each

$499 Each

$249 Each – I like this one a lot too

Cheapest Registration Fee Domains

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