Today’s Domains – Exact Match Geos & Last Chance for a Great Website

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Last chance to pick up this really nice looking website found at I think the design is very professional looking and could be easily reused for a different idea in a similar vertical. Right now the price is make an offer with all offers being considered. Currently how the site is configured / what it comes with is:

Members join by paying a set price. Coupons can be created that can be entered on checkout for any price. Free memberships can also be given. Currently, site is configured using PayFlow Pro.

This membership gives members a customizable profile page and makes them searchable and reachable by custom URL that site allows member to create.

Included with sale of site:

  • All copy, code, images and databases
  • Fully functional content management system installed on server
  • Domain name (but you can use it with any domain you’d like)

Domains For Sale

A lot of exact match geos in here with populations, and some other stuff sprinkled in as well.
$30k – Utah City of population 100k+
$25k – Charlotte NC and surrounding areas
$20k – Utah City of population 95k+
$20k – Oklahoma City of population 55k+
$9,500 – LA Valley Community of population 80k+ Population. Everyone has heard of this right?
$6,500 – Pittsburgh Area city with Amusement Park
$4,500 – Alaska City
$4k – New Jersey Borough

$1,999 Each – New Mexico City – This is where I am right now while looking for a place in Del Mar (see below)

$1,499 Each

$999 Each – Some rent for more than this a day

$749 Each – Looking for a place here now. Been surfing here at the beach all week.

$499 Each – Often rent for more than $499 a day

$249 Each

Cheapest Registration Fee Domains

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