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Sales Revenue Portfolio
We have an aged portfolio of domains which makes $100k in sales a year (not parking revenue, actual sales revenue. Parking revenue is nominal). Average domain age is 9 years old and there are 1,320 domains in the list. Last year (2012) it made $117,025 in sales from 57 domains which sold. The average sales price per domain as $2,053.07. Last year there were 192 inbound inquiries on the domains of which the 57 sold from which makes the sell-thru-rate 30%. Seller is looking to sell the whole portfolio, not the best 6 names so don’t ask if that is your interest level. Seller is looking to sell on a modest multiple of sales revenue. Last year’s NET profit for this portfolio after registration costs was $105,720. If you are interested in possibly making an offer on this please inquire for further information and to see the list.
$19k – Makes me think of Roulette

$999 Each

$749 Each

$249 Each

$99 Each

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