Today’s Domains + 2 Announcements

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Asides from today’s selection of names which include a few great ones, we have two annoucements:

1) We have a buyer for 1 word .info domains. They have to be good words (keywords) and the best choice of the particular keyword. For example would be good,,, and all not good. Most of you already understand this but just making sure.

2) Friend of the newsletter and well known long time Domainer Page Howe has opened up a new domain store called and you should check it out. You will find many domains in there similar to the stuff that frequently sells from this newsletter but at prices so cheap we couldn’t even afford to put them in the newsletter!

Today’s Domains – $50k – $10k

Set: +
$10k – Good call to action .me. Works for all tablets and phones now a days. Flick is a popular term for these devices now.
$3,500 – Arizona or A to Z – $3k
$2,500 – This is about as solid a brandable as they come. What a well recognized term, it is meaningful, and could be used for lots of things. Would even make a great name for a domaining company. Cooler than IMHO. Added bonus that it makes $1.82 per month in revenue you’ll never have problems renewing it.
$2,500 – Want to setup an affiliate site to make commissions on signups for parking companies? Here’s your chance. Simplify your SEO, people looking for Ppc Programs will find this site. – $2,500 – $2,200 – $1,500

$1k Each

Links.TV – This is not just for folks that like .TV, it’s a great domain. It is one of those .TVs that pops. It could be links as internet links, or it more likely could be about Golf. As a bonus, has enough traffic to make $12 a year (about 400 visitors per year) which is better than most domains.

$500 Each


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