Today’s Domains – Happy Holidays

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I know our Happy Holidays are a bit late. Sorry for that. I am writing you this from beautiful Bali where I am just settling in and will be for the next six months or so. And so there is no confusion when I say “I”, I mean Joe, as I (Joe) am doing most of the writing/publishing these days. Eric still does his part too and he is still doing that from the USA. Please also note that my phone number has been updated on the website. This is a Skype phone number. It will ring me wherever I am but please be mindful of the time difference. If any of you are in or will be in Bali in the next 6 months be sure to give me shout.

We usually don’t do a newsletter on weekends but I have had several requests from folks who need to spend money before the end of the year that I thought we should send a newsletter out to help all the folks that haven’t reached out yet but still need to spend some money in 2013. Here’s your chance and there are quite a few special year end opportunities in here. Also if you have a really big name you want to run at a special one time low price, I intend to run another newsletter on Monday as a last chance for 2013 and am looking for exceptional opportunities for this. – $28k – $20k – $17,500
$7,500 – New York State City of 50k – $7,500 – $5k – $3,500

$2,500 Each

$2k Each

$1,500 Each

$1k Each

$500 Each

$250 Each

$50 Each – Texting Acronym “Each To His Own” – Texting Acronym “Mee Too Not Yet”
V-4X.COM – Virtual Forex – Person who studies mosquitoes

Cheapest Registration Fee Domains

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