Today’s Domains – Year End Sale – 24 Hours Only

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Some good names below at some good prices. I can only guarantee these prices for 24 hours. If you need to spend money before 2014 here are some good choices again. Some of these are repeats from Saturday because I figure not everybody is paying attention on Saturday. Many are new. Happy New Years Everybody!
$50k – 3 Characters and of the many things it could stand for one is a very valuable commodity. Seller has turned down many 5 figure offers in the past. – $28k – $20k – $17,500
$10k – This is an extremely rare domain. All the other ones are owned by industry pioneers and end users.
$7,500 – New York State City of 50,000 people – $5k – $3,500

$2,500 Each

$1,500 Each

$1k Each

$500 Each (‘new’ in Spanish) (‘new music’ in Spanish) 

$250 Each (PR 3, averages ~175 uniques/month, low rev. Wikipedia entry) ($46.56 over last 12 months at IT)

$50 Each – Texting Acronym “Each To His Own” – Texting Acronym “Mee Too Not Yet”
V-4X.COM – Virtual Forex – Person who studies mosquitoes

Cheapest Registration Fee Domains

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