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Happy Lunar New Year! I thought I would have more time to send on newsletters from Bali but so far this has not been the case. Soon I hope to get back on the regular newsletter bandwagon.

Announcement: We are changing the “From Address” on the newsletter to just read “From DN.BIZ” rather than “From Eric Rice”. Eric & I are both still here, we are just doing this for stronger branding and to be less confusing as to who is writing the newsletter on what day. So this will be your last newsletter with “Eric Rice” listed as the sender. Future newsletters will just have “DN.BIZ as the sender”. Just that line of text changes, everything else stays the same. We tried this before and saw lower open rates on the email so went back to being “From Eric Rice” however we are going to stick by the change this time and I think the newsletter has been out under DN.BIZ long enough that everyone should recognize it in their inbox. Please update your Spam rules and white-lists accordingly.
$40k –

$9,500 Degrees Set (Includes all 3) – $5k

$1K Each
Foreclosures.LA – It is pretty much everybody’s last chance to get .LA names on the cheap. Soon when .NYC comes out and they sell Foreclosures.NYC as a premium name this domain will be less accessible.

$250 Each – $10.95 per year renewals at (includes site)

$100 Each

Cheapest Registration Fee Domains

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