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Great news buyers and sellers, as many of you may know I (Joe) am now working with ParkLogic and you probably noticed the slowing and ultimate complete lack of newsletters over the past several months since my duties at ParkLogic have been taking up more and more of my time.

Since the newsletter was a success and sold a lot of domains Eric & I really wanted to bring it back and thanks to our newest partner Matt Moran who is also one of my oldest friends we are going to do just that! So although Eric & I remain involved, Matt will be your go-to guy regarding the newsletter. I’m sure you will all love him!

So that said, bring on the submissions. You can submit names either by using our website here or you are welcome to simply reply to this email with them. We are looking to bringing out the next newsletter as early as tomorrow.

For reference, Matt can be reached directly by his email matt@dn.biz, or Skype at matthew.paul.moran

And on a side note, if you have domain names with traffic give me a shout and I’d love to talk to you about how ParkLogic can do it better. For that you can email me at either joe@dn.biz or joe@parklogic.com.

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