Today’s Domains: & NamesCon Auctions!

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Only a few more days before we hit the road and head out to Las Vegas for NamesCon!
Also, our friends over at NameJet and RightOfTheDot™ are running a pretty amazing auction at NamesCon this year. Of course there are the big money domains with bids in the six and seven figures. But I’m also seeing quite a few that look like they might be a bit under the radar.,,, & could turn out to be some pretty great deals… only a few bidders so far and the prices look very reasonable.

Check out the rest of the domains available at the RightOfTheDot™ Live Auction! Make sure to let me know if you decide to bid on anything. We’ve got a little something special that could help you out.

As always, please submit offers quickly. First offer I receive often gets the name.

Best Regards,






$4,999 each



$2,999 each

$2,499 each

$1,999 each

$1,599 each

$1,499 each

$999 each

$899 each



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