Today’s Domains: Only Aged Domains Today!

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Today we have some amazing well-aged domains!

I especially want to draw your attention to This was a thriving ecommerce business until 2008. I think this is still a fantastic short domain that still holds great potential. Originally registered in June 1996, they don’t get much more aged than this!

I am including the reg year with all domains listed today. If you have further questions on any of the domains listed, please feel free to reach out.

As always, please submit offers quickly. First offer I receive often gets the name.

Best Regards,


$12,999 (Reg Date – June 1996)

$4,999 (Reg Date – April 2004)

$1,799 (Reg Date – July 2003)

$1,499 (Reg Date – August 1999)

$1,299 (Reg Date – April 2003)

$999 each (Reg Date – October 2004) (Reg Date – August 2000)

$799 each (Reg Date – July 2004) (Reg Date – September 2004) (Reg Date – July 2004)


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