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Well after some flight delays and other happenings that added a bit to my return trip from Bali, I’m finally on the last leg from LA to San Diego. I have a ton of emails to respond to and I greatly appreciate everyone’s patience!

We have a few package deals today I’ll list at the top of the newsletter. Two of the packages are three domains for $999. The third is made up of $999 domains, but if you see more than one you like, you can pick them up for $1,749 for two.

As always, please submit offers quickly. First offer I receive often gets the name.

Best Regards,


$999 each OR pick any 2 domains for $1,749

$999 for all 3 domains

$999 for all 3 domains

$19,999 each

$7,499 each (Beautful area in Portugal) (6th Largest Metro Area in the US)

$3,499 each (eGame competitions are HUGE) (Season starts soon!)

$1,949 each (High CPC) (Heavy ad spend here) (UK 2.0… After Brexit)


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