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We know a buyer with a good budget, looking for a great domain. They are launching a story sharing/story discovery venture and are open-minded on what the name and domain could be as long as it fits the business. I have included more specifics of what they are looking for below. The last day for me to submit domains for consideration is July 22nd.

Please let me know if you have any domains that fit this criteria:
– BUDGET: six-figures for the ‘right’ name/domain
– 4-8 characters in length
– ONE WORD (English or well-known non-English)
– some examples of the kinds of names this buyer likes: Corridor, Fabric, Hive, Outpost, Radius, Sidewalk, Spoke

We also have a list of domains today all priced under $1k. There are some great aged domains in there so make sure to take a peak!

As always, please submit offers quickly. First offer I receive often gets the name.

Best Regards,


$999 each (Also comes with twitter handle @domainmagazine)


$399 each (reg’d since 1998) (reg’d since 2000) (reg’d since 1999) (reg’d since 2005)

$299 each ($8+ CPC) (reg’d since 2000; all FSBO[State].com domains are reg’d; this is the best one!) (reg’d since 2002) reg’d since (reg’d since 1998) (reg’d since 1996 – in its 20th year!)

$199 each (8,000+ exact monthly searches) ($9+ CPC) ($4+ CPC) (about 15,000 exact monthly searches) (reg’d since 2000) (reg’d since 2002)


$89 each


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