Today’s Domains: Aged domains, all under $400

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We have some nice, well-priced, aged domains today. I have included the year of registration in parenthesis next to them. A few are approaching their 20th year of registration and is in its 20th year.

As always, please submit offers quickly. First offer I receive often gets the name.

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$399 each (reg’d 1998) (reg’d 2000) (reg’d 1999) (reg’d 2005)

$199 each ($8+ CPC) (reg’d 2000) (reg’d 2002) (reg’d 1998) (reg’d 1996 – in 20th year of registration!)

$99 each (8,000+ exact monthly searches) ($9+ CPC) ($4+ CPC) (~15,000 exact monthly searches) (reg’d 2000) (reg’d 2002)


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