Today’s Domains: $100k Buy Request

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First off, I want to apologize for not sending out a newsletter on Tuesday. I caught an awesome flu bug and have been completely wiped out the last few days.

Now on with the domains! We have some excellent deals in the newsletter today. All are priced at either $149 or $249. There are some great keyword and call-to-action domains in the list, so make sure you check them out!

We also have received a buy request from a tech start-up. If you have domains in your portfolio that meet the specifications below, please send them, along with asking prices, to me by November 20th. I am sending the list to the buyer’s agent on November 21st.

== Domain Specs:

  • budget is up to $100,000 USD depending on domain
  • .com only, NO exceptions!
  • max 8 characters (not including .com)
  • no numbers, no dashes
  • name is for a micro-payment platform that makes it easy (seamless) for buyers and sellers to transact
  • ideally, would prefer one-word, English
  • might consider combo of two short English words
  • might consider an invented ‘word’ that clearly suggests payment
  • name spelling CANNOT be ambiguous; must be easy to spell
  • name does NOT have to contain obvious payment/money keywords; name can be more creative than that as long as it makes sense for a micro-payment platform
  • AVOID words/names that suggest a hassle for users (haggle, barter, negotiate, etc.)

Here are some keywords for INSPIRATION. The selected domain that buyer falls in love with might not contain any of these words. But these words might get your creative juices flowing: bean, bill, cash, cent, close, coin, deal, easy, exchange, fraction, merchant, micro, mini, money, pay, seamless, settle, smooth, swap, tiny, trade, vend.

As always, please submit offers quickly. First offer I receive often gets the name.

Best Regards,


$249 each

$149 each


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