Today’s Domains: Looking for single word domains & AOL email issues

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We are looking for single word domains. If you have any domains available that fit the below specifications, please send them my way!

  • Com/Net/Org
  • English dictionary terms
  • Price up to $20k (can go as high as $50k, but has to be amazing!)

Also, a note to AOL users, AOL is very difficult to deliver email to despite the mail services we pay and lengths we go to make them happy in order to be able to deliver to them. If you have an AOL email address and want to make sure you revieve ALL of our newsletters then we suggest you sign up with a different email. Really any other email would do. Unfortunately if you are using an AOL email address you may not have gotten this so we will re-run this announcement a few times in hopes you get one of them.

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