Today’s Domains: $10 Domains!

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Our Pre-Drop Auctions are underway! Auctions will close on Thursday at 6pm Pacific Time (GMT -7). Most of us are pretty active in drop auctions, now’s your chance to grab these before the competition. Avoid those opening bids of $69 or more! Starting bids here are JUST $10!

The domains are all under our control now, so there’s no chance of the owner get cold feet and cancels the auctions. These domains will sell.

To participate in the auctions, simply email me the domain you are interested in, your opening bid, & your maximum bid. I will confirm receipt of all emails and keep bidders up-to-date on their standing in the auction. All auctions are in USD with bid increments of $1.

Best Regards & Happy Bidding!


Pre-Drop Auctions, Starting bids just $10!!


Cheapest Registration Fee Domains

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