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We’ve got a good amount of solid domains today. I really want to bring your attention to some of them!

First off, we have four single-word .xyz domains (mens, publicity, senior, & voters). These four are listed today for less than $200 each! There’s also a really nice set of GoodJeep(s) domains at various price points. These domains are available in com, net, org & info extensions; an awesome opportunity to cover all bases!

And the last highlight for today’s newsletter is So much potential in this one! 670,000 exact searches per month. $1.40 to $2.40 cpc. We have this domain available at $4,999/MAKE OFFER!

As always, prices listed are BIN. But please submit offers quickly. First offer I receive often gets the domain!

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$4,999 / MAKE OFFER!


$299 each

$249 each

$199 each

$149 each


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