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We’ve added to our domain package, that brings it up to 11 domains. With current political events surrounding internet privacy; terms like Proxy Server & VPN are no longer just for computer geeks. The population at large are now not only familiar with what a proxy server is, they are actively seeking them out! For this package, we are looking for 6-figure offers only! Transaction will be processed through escrow and buyer is responsible for fees.

Below the package we’ve got a great list of our bread’n butter domains. A nice selection of real estate & geo domains in there today. I especially like at $749, great resale or development potential for that one!

As always, prices listed are BIN. But please submit offers quickly. First offer I receive often gets the domain!

Best Regards,

6-figure offers for all 11 domains! BIN $175k

$999 each

$749 each

$499 each

$249 each


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