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Happy Tuesday. Today we have a good list of Geo’s, Medical, Crypto, Keyword and Cannabis domains.

All prices are BIN.

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$1799             Huge gaming market.               Huge market area.                     Huge Trend, MD to your home.         Detroit Area City. High Income.        NYC  1 -10 Million or more.             Most Homes 1 Mil +              Some Financing Available                Some of Best Neighborhoods in Dallas here.             Everyone Wants    Beautiful Area of Northern California               Future of Food

MedicalInsurance.TV               Everyone should have medical insurance.
InternetofThings.TV                 This could be a YouTube alternative.    Nearly 1 in 3 American adults has high cholesterol.               Crypto News      Where to go when world ends.               World Heritage Site.               Super Popular.              See above.          Cause of all problems, or endangered species.                     Los Angeles County, with a population of 67,533.  Global plant-based market is projected to reach $5 billion in 2020.

$299                       One’s own unique style or personality.                           Type of herb.                 Because it’s more fun without the kids.      Christmas is right around the corner.         House flipping 101.            There are 80,676 people in the U.S. with the name Susie.

$99                       Almost all one words are taken.            Fayetteville population of 204,759.       U.S. shoreline estimate from the NOAA is 95,471 miles    Legal Cannabis market is expanding rapidly. .        The U.S. produced over 800 million gallons of wine in 2016. .            it’s always funny.                  Roughly 2.2 million marriages per year in U.S.         Who doesn’t love puppies?

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