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Happy Thursday. Today we have another great list with keywords, crypto, geo and some brandables at very good prices. As usual all prices listed are BIN and first to reply sold gets the domain so don’t hesitate.

Some names will require push at current registrar, all have 8 months or more left to move. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Have a great weekend everyone. Just a little heads up, I will be going on a road/camping trip with the family next week to California Redwoods. I don’t know if I will have internet connection so I might not be able to get a newsletter out.

Best Regards,

$89                      Crypto 1 Word                 Quickly becoming a popular medical alternative.                        Lookin?              Spend a lot of money on whiskey.             Different time, different weddings                    Maybe with this name                         Sounds positive                             Like vaporizer.                        Start your own.                    hmmm good.                      2020 coming soon.                     Be patriotic.                         Big Market.                             Short brandable.        Pure product name, winter coming.                          Summers time for the q.                            Nice cvcvcv                With all the bitcoins some advice would be nice.        Global bikini market is expected to exceed USD 20 billion-2019                     I think this name helps.                              Hey look.         Cost a lot.                            A new superhero?   are you singin it?

$249              Lots looking for research.             Huge $$$$$
RanchoSantaFe.Homes         Hugely expensive area.                       Where do you rank?                   Future market.               For big money.               When a Garage isn’t enough.            Season starts next month.              Australia population will reach 25.415 million in 2019

$499         Give up your electronics     Because not all investments end the way you planned.      Huge markets, renters, businesses                   Receives a lot of inquiries               Large Market buying life insurance policies.
LaJolla.Homes                      Upscale house market, $2,295,000 median list price.               Less than 30 minutes with one and you own the name.                  Lots of TV commercials about CPAP devices lately.                         Micro or craft beer market is expanding very fast                Alternative medicine?

$999       Some of the richest advertisers around.                     When every second counts.                     Unfortunately everyone needs to.       You can be millionaire like me…..

Cheapest Registration Fee Domains

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