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Happy Thursday.

We are looking for more domains to include in the newsletter!

looking for more single-word com/net/org domains to list. If you’d like to list your domains in the newsletter, just respond to this email.

English dictionary terms,

Specifically looking for:

-single and double keyword domains


-pure geos (city & well known neighborhood names only)

-numeric domains (3, 4, & 5 characters)

-3 & 4L .com, .net, & .org

If you have these domains available, please reach out to chris@dn.biz

DN.BIZ/NEWSLETTER TOS (terms of service)

When you submit your domains to us for inclusion if you include a price with your submission then you agree that we may include your domain listed at that price in the newsletter without having to ask you first for 7 calendar days from the time we receive your submission. After 7 days we if we decide we want to include your submission we will ask you first and verify that the offer is still available. If you change the pricing of a submission then that restarts the 7 day period with the new price.

We charge a fee of 15% if we can generate a sell and all sales are processed through escrow.com

Also prices on listings from last three newsletter have been extended until Friday 23rd so click links below to see those listings again.




Thanks and have a good weekend.


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