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Happy Thursday. Today we have another portfolio of 400 domains available, listed below are a few of the names.

For a complete list of names or if you have any other Questions please email me at or just reply to this email….

Domains are available individually for a limited time at this price as well…for $2,950 each

Thanks for looking and have a good weekend….

Best Regards,
For HMOs, Hospitals, Medical Centers, Pharmaceutical companies, Insurance Cos, Pharmacies, Doctors, Entrepreneurs. Provide online/offline medical advice, recommendations, assistance; products, services, etc.
Cartoon art (in all its forms), stills, videos, DVDs, CDs, books, etc. This is a multi-million dollar a year industry. Be the cartoon portal of the Internet!
This DotCom provides the opportunity to stake out the premier #1 position as the dealer/seller of Certified Boats with the ability to sell ads, classified ads, picture ads on the site.
Certified SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicles) means that the dealer/seller has conducted an extensive, comprehensive inspection to insure that the pre-owned SUV is in excellent running and operational condition.
Cosmetics: In much of the world, it’s spelled with a “z” instead of the more commonly known (to the English-speaking world, anyway) “s”.
Shoe sales, instructional videos, coaching or ad sales
Attention securities and equities issuers, dealers, and lenders: This URL’s for you.
Do you or your company supply or are involved in critiquing/assessing anything: Movies, Games, Music, Books, Plays, other content . . . Sports Teams, Athletes, performers of any type . . . Business, Real Estate, etc? If so this domain is for you….
Possible auction site with links to seized or forfeited vehicles, properties and/ or other commodities with ad or link income potential.
Jumbo reverse mortgages, often called proprietary reverse mortgages, differ from a regular reverse mortgage in that they are for loan amounts that exceed the conforming limits set by the Federal Housing Finance Agency.
Use of document preparation services for those unable to afford legal fees. Excellent DotCom to service this market. Good choice of revenue models and value propositions: Document preparation and court filings, attorney lead generation/referrals (where legal to do so), site ads, pay-per-click, affiliation, etc.
Anything and everything having to do with or related to Love and (being) Lovely. Products and/or services for the heart, soul, beauty, skin, body. Relationships, marriage, etc.
This popular contest is held every year on the beautiful Island of Hawaii.
PYY3 Medical Weight-Loss Blockbuster Breakthrough! Rare chance to launch the high-profit new/renamed/existing on/offline product sales company/division for this new discovery! Google “PYY3” and “Weight Loss.”
Commercial foreclosures are properties that have been put up for public sale because the previous owner defaulted on their mortgage payments. This can happen for a number of reasons, including bankruptcy or the previous business occupying the space simply going under. Use as a direct website for selling these properties or links to other websites.
Huge market for the many millions of Americans (and other countries as well!) who have, want, need their starter/first Jobs.
Sell Jerky direct or sell ads or links to websites.
Super for a dating/relationship site/company.
Get your Wash Pads at (where else?!)! But of course! Google/search “Wash Pads.” Huge niche market; can source (or develop) and sell specialized/ specialized use Wash Pads.

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