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We are looking for more domains to include in the newsletter!

Looking for more single-word com/net/org domains to list. If you’d like to list your domains in the newsletter, just respond to this email.

English dictionary terms,

Specifically looking for:
-single and double keyword domains
-pure geos (city & well known neighborhood names only)
-numeric domains (3, 4, & 5 characters)
-3 & 4L .com, .net, & .org

If you have these domains available, please reach out to chris@dn.biz

Please include prices with your submissions but when pricing your domains specifically for sale in the newsletter, you should really be pricing them at about what you spent on them, assuming you spent an amount which left you room for a decent margin on a possible retail sale. If you paid a too much for the domain when you bought it then you probably will have to sell it for less if you want it to sell here. If you got a really good deal on the domain when you bought it then if you are lucky you will be successful at making a small margin selling it wholesale in the newsletter (but nothing like a retail margin which tends to be much bigger).

The newsletter is here to help you sell off domains which you have had for a while and have been unsuccessful in selling to an end user / retail buyer so that another investor may purchase those domains at a reasonable wholesale price that which they can AFFORD to take over your position on the domain and the role of trying to find an end user / retail buyer to buy the domains.
We have found over and over again that pricing is the number one factor in achieving sales in this newsletter. If you price your domain so that it is invest-able for someone else then it may sell.

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