After profitable ventures in other areas of the domain name space Eric Rice and Joe Politzer have once again partnered to grow the newsletter that was started several years ago but ran on an ad hoc basis. Joe Politzer will now be focusing his full attention on the newsletter.

The newsletter currently has 3500 subscribers, has sold over 400 single domains totaling millions of dollars of closed transactions and many large “revenue” based portfolios totaling over $8,000,000 in closed transactions. The buyer / seller base is robust.

Since being introduced by a mutual acquaintance in 2007 Joe and Eric have partnered on a variety of domain related businesses including, domain brokering, monetization and development. This Domain Sales Newsletter is their latest collaboration which promises to be a streamlined and effective place for domainers to buy and sell domain names with simplicity and rates unmatched by other venues.

The focus is domains priced to sell in a newsletter format in the $99 to $500,000 range, easy transactions between the buyers and sellers and no long term exclusive listing contracts.

On domains over $200,000 we ask for a 15 day exclusive agreement.

We have found over and over again that pricing is the number one parameter to getting sales.

For more information about the team check out Who We Are.