Free Listings

Every domain name is unique and special, however unfortunately we can’t list all of the thousands of submissions we get each day in our newsletter. This can be for a variety of reasons ranging from not meeting our criteria for inclusion to simply not having enough space. Even if your domain or domains are not selected for distribution in our newsletter you can still get your domain(s) in front of the eyes of our industry leading subscriber base.

Introducing Free Listings

At the bottom of every newsletter on our website there is a form where you can “Add Something” to the page. This allows you to add your comments, or your own domain listings. Your additions will only appear below the newsletter which you add them to and are not emailed to our subscribers. Each time you participate you are given the option to subscribe to all additions made to the same post. This connects you with other buyers and sellers doing the same as you and our subscribers which frequent our website.

There is No Fee and No Commission for the use of this service.

Our subscribers frequent our website because every newsletter we send out is also posted at the very same time on our website and also tweeted and posted on all of our social media networks at the very same time as well. Not only do our subscribers have the opportunity to purchase domains via the email they receive but they also have the same opportunity to purchase domains via our online offer form found on our website at the bottom of every newsletter posted, just above where your free listings will appear.

How You Make Sales

Each time you post a free listing you are asked to provide your name, email address and you can even provide a link to your website. You are probably familiar with this model since it is the same model used on pretty much every blog in existence. It is important to note that your email address is never published or even supplied to your potential buyers! In addition to the standard blog model of asking for your name, email address, website url, and whether you would like to subscribe to the thread there is also a checkbox asking whether or not you would like to allow other subscribers to send you a private message. If you choose to allow private messages, other subscribers will see a link on your free listing that reads ‘PM’ (short for Private Message) which when they click on that they will have the ability to fill out a form with their contact info and the offer they would like to make on your domain(s)! They are never shown your email address however their message along with their contact details are privately sent to your email inbox for your review at which point you can take further action as necessary. Keep in mind of course if you reply to the private message you receive then you will be revealing your email address to them in your email reply. It is up to you to decide if you would like to reply using your email or a more anonymous email account. On every free listing you make you have the individual choice as to whether or not you would like to allow private messages in response to your listing.

It really is that simple, and really is free.

It is important to note that we will not tolerate abuse of this feature. Your listings are limited in length to 1000 characters which should give you more than enough to post what you feel is relevant at the moment without posting your entire domain catalog. If you that is not enough then you can post one or two more free listings per newsletter. Also we will not tolerate or allow you to list any domains that infringe on the trademarks or rights of others using our system. Of course we realize that deciding which domains fit into this category is a complicated and delicate matter, however since this is a free service we will try to do the best we can in making these decisions however we will tend to be more cautious than not. Your free additions to our newsletters are moderated and monitored by us and if we find you are habitually abusing this feature then you may be permanently banned from further use and we won’t necessarily notify you first.