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You may submit your domains to us for consideration in the newsletter using the form below or by emailing us directly at

Please note that submitting your domains here does not mean that they will automatically be included in the newsletter if selected. We will reach out to you regarding any domain we are interested in including in the newsletter before listing it.

If you haven’t already priced your domains it is not necessary to price them in order to submit them. If we are interested in a domain we will reach out to you regarding pricing.

Tens of thousands of domains are submitted daily so please be patient while we review your submission. Also please be advised that due to the volume of submissions we only respond to submissions which we feel are appropriate for the newsletter (meaning likely to sell). If we don’t respond it doesn’t mean your domain is no good, just not a good fit for us.

All domains selected for inclusion in the newsletter are subject to ownership verification. For more information on how the newsletter works, the rules, commission, etc… please see the rules.

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