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So join Page for a little Peach Cobbler and domain names. Page is looking for some new Geo Combos today, and some made-up brandables.

Soapbox - Big Tent Domaining and Peach Cobbler

One of the things that has really improved in the Domain Space is data and tools.  We have more data, presented by different websites and apps than ever before. See our Domain Tools and Services section of the DN.BIZ directory for more.


E-Commerce Tips – How Much to Spend on a Domain Name

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So right off, lets be clear,  I am biased. I sell and write about premium domains. But I think a reasonable guideline is needed.   I think operators and investors of internet or e-commerce businesses should spend up to 10% of one years sales, or if a startup at least 10% of your friends and family round, on a good domain name.

Why? Because you save so much money operating a online business, but now where will you spend the savings? If you apply the same saving money emphasis to your image, brand, internet address and first impression – you hamstring … Read the rest

After the Drop Week Ending 9 2 2019

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Multi-Day Post, ill wait 24 hours before grabbing 5 or 6.

Use to check against what your renewing, subject to prior registration.

OnlinePokerClubs.com – High PPC

TheMidfielder.com – Familiar soccer term, ok football.

surferstv.com – surfs up

TheresAlwaysRoomForDessert.com – and this name

TheSeaportDistrict.com – 2 in NY and Boston

TheShoresRealEstate.com – sounds familiar

TheSouthernBell.com – Ive got a couple of these.

VisitingTennessee.com – Come on over…

TheUpperclassman.com – They know more now….

Governor2020.com – 20-30 of these needed next year.

GrandCypressHomes.com – Popular

homeimpr.com – improvement is so hard to spell

Hypercritically.com – Not just critically but hyper…

Inconspicuousness.com – Read the rest

Want More Offers – Buy Better Names.

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Negotiating Domain Name Prices with Buyers
Are you not getting enough offers. You may be looking at the cost side too closely and only buyer cheaper names, and names you can get. Since everyone else could have got those names, your not getting offers.  Buy Better Names.
If your in domaining to haggle and negotiate with buyers, buy better names. A good name bought $100 and up wholesale might produce more leads per month. Now everyone wants to buy this type of name for $10, and then wait for the leads to engage buyers. It probably wont happen with
Read the rest

How Many Domains Should I Own ?

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How Many Domains Should I Own?

So another take on the 1 to 2% portfolio turnover number that is thrown around quite a bit, is to reverse the numbers to determine how many domains you should own.

An owner with 1000 names should sell about 10-20 a year. Now I’m looking at this in the real domaining sense of end user sales at full price. So this is buy it now off landing pages or in aftermarkets or inbound inquiries.
If your selling wholesale, or quick flip or closeout you should be doing 5-10%, if your a full time domainer
Read the rest

Puppies and Domain Names


This is a Puppy

They need to be loved, and given food and water.. and they love you back. They mean something. You care about them, you invest in them, sacrifice for them.

This is another small dog..it should not be left alone, it should be taken in, it should not be let out to face the world alone.. You should sacrifice for this dog. You should spend money on this dog. You should put the needs of this animal before your own.  Let it become part of the family.


Now puppies are one thing, and bad domain names … Read the rest

After the Drop 7/30/2019

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Multi-Day Post, ill wait 24 hours before grabbing 5 or 6.

WeShareThePlanet.com – Earth friendly name for any marketing effort

CustomHomeStore.com – Huge spending category

inherita.com – really strong brandable for inheritance planning

MediaSpinners.com – Elections news is everywhere

CachetRealEstate.com – Premium Real Estate

SeattleSites.com – Nice Directory name for large web aware city.

SouthlandTrailer.com –  Geo Product name

VarietyIsTheSpiceOfLife.com  – isn’t that true, especially in domains

LargeScanners.com – probably sell for large prices

BestGamingHeadsets.com – Esports trends helps here

LovingThyNeighbor.com – Do it, every day.

ToCloseForComfort.com – oop forgot a “o” maybe brandable

BourbonDrinks.com – Recipes for drinks searched … Read the rest

Domainers Portfolios after Passing Away

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Deceased Domain Name Owner

So I know this isn’t the best topics to think about, but a recent sale of a premium name from a domainer who had passed away reminded me of my own estate planning for my names and issues around managing domains when the owner or contact passes away.  I thought I would share with you some background, and my thoughts and recommendations.

Ill do this article in three parts, for our three types of viewers and readers. First I’ll cover domain ownership issues for every domain owner, or manager. Then I’ll cover what i think would … Read the rest

After the Drop 7/23/2019

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3from the last few days, ill wait 24 hours before grabbing 5 or 6.

weddingphotographynearme.com  – these near me have high CPC

cryptocurrencyvaluations.com   – nice site for lists

vegasgangsters.com    either old or new

outdoorcarcover.com   needed

samplepressreleases.com    good to copy off of

ideasfordates.com    needed, !

finddoctornearme.com  see above

harrydeanstanton.com  much admired action – fansite?

selfsuffice.com  – then your not a drain on anyone else

crosswordpuzzled.com  what you do when having trouble with cword puzzle

paystudentloanoff.com  – please!

sleevelesshoodies.com  –  think the Rock

camochairs.com  – no one will see you

bereavementcounselor.com  needed

gettingbonded.com  important for workers, contractors

cloudfares.com two big words

chicagosbestrestaurants.comRead the rest