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So join Page for a little Peach Cobbler and domain names. Page is looking for some new Geo Combos today, and some made-up brandables.

Soapbox - Big Tent Domaining and Peach Cobbler

One of the things that has really improved in the Domain Space is data and tools.  We have more data, presented by different websites and apps than ever before. See our Domain Tools and Services section of the DN.BIZ directory for more.


AirBnB and Taylor Swift – Famous Names and TM Make Top Domains List

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This was a head-scratcher for me.

Verisign published their monthly domain report. AirBnB and Taylor Swift jumped out at me because I think in retrospect, – to quote those few of you who remember the I Love Lucy show – someone may have some “splaining to do”.

Now I think within fair use domains should be able to use TM words if they are not trying to confuse the public, or using under fair use.  Very few domain name investors make use of their domain names so domainer WIPO cases may not be the best way to set a standard.… Read the rest

After the Drop. Special .US Edition

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And even better name.com is running a promo for $1.99.

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So here are about 50 .US names that caught my eye.  For many, the old pre 2003 perception of the .us domain namespace is still rooted in the city.state.purpose.us system.  Yes you can have second level .US domains.  They are doing some attractive  marketing. At least, at the price, these make nice tests. The only way to tell if a Tld has resale demand is to own names.   I picked up some and … Read the rest

After the Drop – 9-17-19

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From the weekend, plus a special Canna CBD Section.

To see all my posts in this series with available names (at the time of publication)

onepercentbackrealty.com – i like one percent back.

theswimmingstore.com – ok so its not a store that swims… lol

centraljerseynews.com  1/3 of New jersey

thescholarshipcoach.com – just dont get on TV or go to jail.

libertariandaily.com – freedoms…………..

theaussiestore.com – either for Aussies or Aussie stuff

clubfootballnews.com – absolutely huge following, my NOTD ill wait 24 hours to grab

esportsdreamer.com – dreamer of money and victory and glory

fastfooddaily.com – either eat it, or read about Read the rest

After the Drop 9-13-19

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We show you available names after the drop.  Subject to prior registration, or other errors and typos. Due your own due diligence. happy Hunting!

TheCyberDiner.com – either food blog or online diner

GotoMarketStrategies.com – one might be buying this name

GotoThisWebsite.com – my NOTD

Granvi.com  – sounds luxurious

Handipages.com – Either webpages or handicapping

KillerForehand.com – Tennis term, sounds postive

LipFilling.com – beauty

MagnumBottle.com – probably cost a lot

MobileStockAlerts.com – great app name

MrChumpy.com – sometime a name just sounds funny


DesignerHoodie.com –  since when did casual cost so much





NewCapita.com – Finance brandableRead the rest

After the Drop 9-11-2019

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Available recent drops.

CheapCarInsurancesQuotes.com  Great Stats, Affiliate Potential. Note the added “s” insurances.  Typo.

PrivateStockcbd.com    Truly your private stash.

cbdclinicaltrials.com Might be needed soon to test safety. No problem getting paid participants.

Cannacosm.com  When canna products take over the world.

CustomCyclingJersey.com You never see too many plain ones.

PhiladelphiaCustomHomes.com Large metro area, 300k-3 Million price tag

BufordNews.com  Georgia City

TheScottishNews.com Country in the The News format nice

RaleighRising.com Popular renewal or hometown suffix.

Miffier.com   Who wants be just Miffy when you can be miffier.

PainfulLowerBack.com  From counting all the money you could make form this name.

CannaZee.com  So there are … Read the rest

Threes a Crowd. D2C and Domain Names.

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The latest acronym from the B2B, B2C line is now Direct to Consumer, or Direct to Customer (D2C).  Its everything in the startup world with millennials.
To compare it with dating, assume your going on a date with your customer. Keep it between the two of you, Threes a Crowd.

You need to connect with your customers directly? To advertise, To deliver. To build a relationship.  Your goal with your website strategy should be; Can you build the systems to attract, engage and deliver your own value proposition to clients and customers? And can you do it alone?

DNS and

Read the rest

E-Commerce Tips – How Much to Spend on a Domain Name

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So right off, lets be clear,  I am biased. I sell and write about premium domains. But I think a reasonable guideline is needed.   I think operators and investors of internet or e-commerce businesses should spend up to 10% of one years sales, or if a startup at least 10% of your friends and family round, on a good domain name.

Why? Because you save so much money operating a online business, but now where will you spend the savings? If you apply the same saving money emphasis to your image, brand, internet address and first impression – you hamstring … Read the rest