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So join Page for a little Peach Cobbler and domain names. Page is looking for some new Geo Combos today, and some made-up brandables.

Soapbox - Big Tent Domaining and Peach Cobbler

One of the things that has really improved in the Domain Space is data and tools.  We have more data, presented by different websites and apps than ever before. See our Domain Tools and Services section of the DN.BIZ directory for more.


Why are Domain Names Important?


Why are Domain Names Important?

The only connection for your content that you truly own and control is on your domain name. And, it works for everyone globally.  All your content on search engines, social networks or apps and free email is shared – owned by others – under terms and conditions you may never understand.  Its important to own a domain name to hold your digital content.

So why do I constantly talk about these special assets called domain names?

Because as the most recognized part of a URL, or Universal Resource Locator, your domain name gives you the … Read the rest

CCtld Update – Is the .US Domain Space Open?


CCtld News and Update

On our twice monthly Cctld update I’l look at the recent .US Town Hall meeting. My takeaway was a “reminder” during the call that the perception you have to be a US resident or incorporated business isn’t really true.  I’ll finish at the end with some available for registration prospects in the .US namespace.

For other updates, one of our sponsors, Toweb tracks news and updates and quick comments on their homepage.

.US Town Hall Meeting

.US held their 2019 Town Hall Meeting to review progress and introduce the new Stakeholder Council members (think of … Read the rest

After the Drop 11/5/19 Plus Bonus

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Our biggest list ever, over 50 names available after the drop.  Ok. So these may not be DnJournal top tens. But no bots. On the downside, everyone else passed or didn’t see. Good luck.

So use for some registrations, or to gauge what people are missing, or perhaps seeing and most likely what Domainers don’t want.

Click here for prior lists.

I’m using Epik more (this is an affiliate link). $7.49 and integrates with Afternic.


DallasLeaf.com – NOTD (Name of the Day) Nice cannabis name without having to spell cannabis.

DallasSecrets.com – like cannabis

DateNightRestaurants.com –  Might … Read the rest

What will be on the Top Keywords List for October?

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Can you Pick the Top Keywords for October?

Every month Verisign publishes a list of some of the most upward trending words in domain name registrations in .com and .net.   To make this glimpse at top trending words, Verisign uses some of the same info you can get at any time from their DomainScope product.   We reviewed DomainScope earlier in the year.

So here are my picks for the upcoming report on words trending in registrations.  Play along at home and comment below with your picks. I’ll summarize if you got them right after the reports release.

You can see … Read the rest

Sold: Dangerous.com for $49


Even after doing domain name investing for 20 years, I cant get hit with a new issue and thus learn something daily, even now.

“SOLD Dangerous.com”, hit my email last week.  Oh no. I’ve just sold Dangerous.com for $49.  This was a reply to my for sale thread at Namepros.  So now someone thinks they have bought Dangerous.com and I’ve gotta explain my way out if it.   Did I list it wrong, did I forget a second word. How could this happen? I had listed a group of 300+ names on Namepros, a popular forum for domainers. Was my membership … Read the rest

Domain With Me – Godaddy Auctions Daily Plan


Reading Time: 5 minutes
Referenced Video from September: 15 Minutes

So each day I make my daily Godaddy Auctions plan in the morning.  Try to do these things each morning or night before to help you be ready, in a balanced way, to get the names you want, and have less regret.  Be intentional.  Today’s notes and video are more for lower priced names. Next week I will do a similar post for big name hunters.

Also, Knowing I will do this each day means I don’t have to keep all this information in my head. Its my process that … Read the rest

Happy Halloween. To-Dos for Domain Name Investors


Each end of month day I’ll tell you what I’m paying attention to and my end of the month to-do list for domain investors and domain name owners and those in the Domain Industry.

Namescon Discount. Save 30%. Going to Namescon discount and missed the window for the early registration periods. You have today to take advantage of the Halloween Discount.

Enom move-out.

So Enom has been passed around a bit in the last 4-6 years. Many of us have “reseller” accounts that we used as far back as the club drop days.  Yes, we could create accounts for customers … Read the rest

Having Trouble in Domaining? – The Biggest Myths in Domaining

This series sponsored by
Estibot Appraisal Software

The Biggest Myths in Domaining
Note: Longer Read – 10 Minutes

# 1 You Can Make Money by “Buying” Domain Names (i.e. Acquiring)

So I’ve fallen prey to this many times, so its time to get real. I’ve said it before, domaining can be a delusional business sometimes because you can buy a domain name, tell yourself you bought it at a discount to its true value, and go home that day booking mental profits, thinking you made money.  Walking tall, feeling good. Your Up!

So you wanted to feel good and have a sale, you kept buying up until

Read the rest

After the Drop Page Howe’s List of Hand Registration Fee Domain Names

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Hand Registration Fee Domain Names.

You get what you pay for, but here is a free list of Available Hand Registration Fee Domain Names that have Dropped in the last 10 Days

Use to gauge whats not being picked up, and or compare to your upcoming renewals, Can you upgrade? See Page Howe‘s curated after the drop list below.

Available at time of post.  Try Dynadot for a nice $5.99 reg fee.
This is a refer-a-friend link and you get $5 if you spend $10.

Dictionary Words

Samogitian.com Language of about … Read the rest