What We Do

We seek out and capitalize on opportunities in the domain space and help others do the same, or more simply put we are the domain business. Founded by Joe Politzer and built on industry expertise dating back to 1997 we have done well into the 8 figures in total business.

We provide domain brokering, consulting, and actively seek  partnership opportunities with no shortage of creativity when it comes to handling new opportunities which are seemingly limitless in this space. We also operate one of the industry’s oldest and largest domain sales newsletters.

Domain Brokering


As a top domain broker we have handled over tens of millions in sales transactions. Our network of buyers is in the thousands of contacts. We are a boutique operation working on only a handful of great domains at any one time.

Our wholesale industry newsletter gets sent out several times per week with domains ranging from $99 to $500, moving many domains between investors each month..

For larger sales over $200,000 we may assign an outbound calling team that makes phone calls to corporate buyers.

Our team of negotiators and escrow attorneys does all the heavy lifting to get money into your bank account as quickly as possible.


Domain acquisitions are as much an art as sales if not more. We have facilitated several million dollars in acquisitions transactions for both ourselves and our clients. With our experience and authority in this space we are poised to make your acquisitions as painless as possible with a straightforward approach.

Domain Consulting

Vision-ExperienceHaving been in the domain space over 20+ years we have done and seen a lot of things. Collectively since then we have registered nearly 1,000,000,000 domains, we have created many of our own parking companies and other monetization solutions, and ran the 8th largest registrar in the world and closed some of the largest deals in the space.

Domain strategy is a vital part of any online business which can even make or break your business. Our seasoned knowledge and experience is what you need to keep your domain strategy on track and intact.

Partnership Opportunities

A key part of our business model is our ability to execute where there are tremendous opportunities in this space that are being under realized. Let us know if you have an opportunity that meets these criteria and we will work with you to better monetize your opportunity.