Privacy Policy

Just for visiting our site we collect a minimal amount of non-identifying information about you like what country you are coming from, are you using Internet Explorer or FireFox, etc… and other minutiae and so on as to aid us in improving our service. If we choose to share any of this information with anyone it will only be shared in the form of non-identifying statistics.

It is worth mentioning however that the internet, and especially email in and of itself is generally not secure. Generally speaking when you send an email to anyone over the internet or use a contact form about anything, advanced human beings with even not so advanced computers can read everything you write if they so want. So if you have information that is so sensitive that it would be catastrophic if someone untrusted got a hold of it, then you should not be sending this information over the internet anyway. This warning is more to make you aware so you will at least think about it next time before you send the location of the buried treasure to your best friend over email.

There are some links on our site to other sites (ie: FaceBook, Twitter, Myspace, etc, and Many More…). These sites are not a part of this site and all have their own respective privacy policies (and copyrights and trademarks too just to give them credit) and do not follow our privacy policy. We do not share any information with them regarding you, all we do is send you there if you click on the link, however once you are there you are on their turf and their privacy policy. If you are concerned read their policy before getting too far on their site.

We do reserve the right to change this policy at any time so check back as often as you want. You can check again now if you hit refresh in your browser, or by clicking here. If at any point you no longer agree with our current privacy policy you are required to unsubscribe immediately and cease from further use of the service. Continued use or subscription otherwise is an indication of your continued agreement with all of our policies, terms and conditions.